Welcome to the official website page of All Scripture Baptist Church! At All Scripture Baptist Church the King James Bible is our only book, and soul winning and the great comission is our only business.

Our Purpose

All Scripture Baptist Church is being started to fulfill the great commission in Knoxville TN, and going forward to the rest of the world. We strive to make soul winning our way of life.

Pastor Grayson Fritts

Pastor Grayson Fritts

The Practice


At All Scripture Baptist Church we aim to follow the word of God as closely as humanly possible, changing any errors in our behavior as it is made known to us by the Holy Spirit as we search the scriptures. We’re not searching for some new thing, we’re simply trying to get back to the Biblical practices set forth in the Word of God.

We understand that this can set us apart from others. This is not our goal, but is sometimes unavoidable. Just as the people of God in times past have had a fight on their hands as they have lived right, so we expect the same. We’re not going out to war with flesh and blood, but we understand that flesh and blood and powers will seek to do that very thing with us. We intend to stand firm on all the truths of the Word of God, the King James Bible, whatever the result.

Doctrinal Statement


King James Bible

The King James Bible is the perfect, preserved, inerrant word of God in English; we have a sure foundation.

End Times

The coming of the Lord, or the rapture as many call it, will be before the premillennial return of Christ. The tribulation of the saints is not a 7 year period. Daniel’s week is a 7 year period. The tribulation is in the first half of the 7 year week, and the wrath of God is in the last half of the 7 year week. Saints are not appointed unto wrath, but shall have tribulation.


Those that burn in their lust toward their own gender, sodomites and pedophiles, have no place in the local church. They are that way because they are haters of God, so naturally they don’t belong in a congregation of God’s people or amongst children.


Whosoever will, may be saved. We reject Calvinism in all forms. No one is predestined for hell by God. People go to hell for not trusting Jesus Christ of their own will. We also believe there are those that will not be saved because they have rejected the Lord to a point where he has given them over to a reprobate mind. If a person has the will to call on Jesus, they obviously have not become a reprobate and can still be saved.

Salvation and Repentance

Salvation is by grace through faith plus nothing and has always been that. When a person decides to trust Christ alone for salvation from hell, they have repented. That is, changed their mind about trusting something other than Jesus Christ for salvation. Repentance isn’t a step in salvation, nor is it a work. Repentance is simply a change of mind about what you’re trusting for heaven, in regards to salvation.


There is only one chosen people of God and that has always been those that believe God. Israel is the believer in Jesus Christ, not a physical race that calls themselves Jews.

Church and Soul-winning

The local church exists for the purpose of spreading the gospel, fulfilling the great commission, so others can be saved. It’s not simply a place of fellowship and social gathering.


Dispensationalism in all its forms is a false doctrine, whether it be hyper or mild or some other variation, still false doctrine.

The name of Jesus

Jesus Christ is God, born of a virgin, conceived of the Holy Ghost. There is none other name given among men whereby we must be saved.


Hell is a literal place of fire where those that do not trust Jesus Christ go to when they die.

Soulwinning Times

5pm-6pm or later Wednesday, generally we go past 6 till we atleast win someone.

5pm-service Wednesday

1pm-2:30pm Sunday

5pm-6:30pm Sunday

 Questions? #865-368-2193


11am Sunday Morning

4pm Sunday Afternoon

7pm Thursday Evening

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