Upcoming Events

February 20th, Wed – Homeschool Wednesday, American Museum of Science and Energy. 115 E Main St. Oak Ridge, Tn 37830. Meet at the museum @2:00 pm. Dinner afterward provided by the church. 

February 24th, Sun – Lunch at church after morning service, Pastor Fritts 1-year anniversary celebration.

March 20th, Wed – Homeschool Wednesday, Aquarium in Gatlinburg. 88 River Rd. Gstlinburg, Tn 37738. Meet at the aquarium at 1:00pm. Dinner afterward provided by the church. 

April 20th, Sat – Soul Winning Mega Marathon. Details TBA

April – No Homeshool Wednesday event. 

April 26th, Fri – Pastor Anderson preaching at ASBC.

May 22nd, Wed – Homeschool Wednesday, Picnic and outing, location to be announced. 

June 14th-16th, Fri-Sun – Reprobate Conference, Clermont Fla.

June – Small Town Soul Winning, Cleveland, Tn. Details and date TBA

July 18th-21st – Red Hot Preaching Conference, Verity Baptist Church, Sacramento, CA, Pastor Jiminez

August 19th-23rd -Mon-Fri – Missions Trip to Guyana.

August – Small Town Soul Winning, Maynardville, Tn. Details and date TBA

October – Small Town Soul Winning, Oak Ridge, Tn. Details and date TBA

November – Small Town Soul Winning, Sevierville, Tn. Details and date TBA


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