Evangelist Korbyn Brock

Evangelist Korybn Brock

Evangelist Korybn Brock

Brother Korbyn Brock was officially ordained with Brother Richard Symes out of Bethel Bible Baptist Church in Panabo Philippines on May 11th. Together, he and Bro Symes have reached over 20000 this year in preaching and around 2300 saved.

In his own words:

“My vision is to give my life to serve in the Lord’s army. I am a blank page for the Lord to write orders upon to go and do what He wants me to do. My vision is to faithfully serve Him wherever He sends me. Right now I am working with Richard Symes to help him fulfill his vision for his ministry here in the Philippines. I’m glad to be here working full time to fulfill the Great Commission. AMEN!”

Again: “We are working to accomplish preaching to all of the high schools in our vicinity…high schools in Panabo City, Tagum City, and the surrounding rural areas. Once we have accomplished all of those schools then we will start completing the High Schools in Davao, which is a large city with a huge population.”

Why did you decide to go to the Philippines?

Bro Korbyn Brock “I decided to come to the Philippines after I put in a 2 month notice for my job last year. My plan was to quit my job and move to FWBC. I figured since I had no commitments and Richard Symes was over here soulwinning alone that I would join him for a few months before returning to the US. Now that I am here I love it and I love the amazing things that we are accomplishing and so I’ve decided to stay here Lord willing.”

Korbyn Brock is only 22 years old, and is a full time soul winner and ordained evangelist in the Philippines. His favorite verse in the Bible is John 5:24 “because it so clearly explains that salvation is by faith and once you’re saved you’re always saved. AMEN!”

Without any prompting, Korbyn has this last thing to say:

“One thing that people should really know about the Philippines and what makes it such a great place for missionaries is that not only is it very receptive but that their laws promote the Gospel. It’s obviously very Catholic, but there is a very ecumenical attitude which is why we are not viewed as the enemy so to speak. On top of that, the curlture really respects foreigners which is another reason why we have so few obstacles. We are just waiting for some persecution!!!”

Check out his ordination video below:


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