An Inside View

Brother Domonique Davis in the Studio

Recording Artists make time out of their busy week to go to the studio and spend a few hours each week recording files for their specific language. Brother Domonique is an electrician, but once every week on Friday he heads over to the studio, funded by FWBC, to record the Old Testament of the KJV for the KJVRVG.


Brother Valerian Mayega recording from his home studio

Some of our recording artists record straight from their homes. We send out equipment like you see above for each artist all over the world to set up their own studios and record the Plan of Salvation and the Bible in their languages. We give the equipment to different readers, knowing that God will stir up some of their hearts to translate much more material into their languages, and further the goal of the KJVRVG in spreading the gospel and hard preaching.

For more insight, check out an interview we did recently with Ben the Baptist, on our goals, vision, and what the men in this project do that God is blessing:

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