Pastor Wesley Tomlinson preaching from Faith Baptist Church in Humboldt TN


Faith Baptist Church

We here at the KJVRVG are excited to share with you a new church to our movement in Humboldt Tennessee, Faith Baptist Church. Pastor Wesley Tomlinson has been preaching there now for 7 years, and has turned the church from Missionary Baptist to an On-fire right on doctrine, post-trib, non-Zionist, non-dispensationalist, soulwinning new IFB Church!


Pastor Tomlinson

Pastor Tomlinson gained interest in Pastor Anderson’s preaching via the rebukes of Kent Hovind marrying Mary Tocco, and began his study into the post trib rapture and Marching to Zion movie which ultimately lead to his decision to believe these doctrines. However, he had heard about him for many years before that. Online he had known about him since the church started because of the many youtube videos. Especially, the short videos where he thought that the guy was wild because of the small clips. After the Kent Hovind incident, he learned about the pre-wrath position and began research into it. He liked to listen to Pastors that taught something other than the Pre-trib rapture. Listening to Pastor Anderson helped him to clear up some misconceptions about what he had been taught as a mid-week rapture (Daniel’s 70th week), already headed in the right direction.

Pastor Tomlinson has never been a believer in dispensationalism or the pre-trib rapture. While growing up dispensationalism never made any sense to him, and he’s never taught it out of his pulpit. At first in his life he thought that he was just not understanding, but now after studying it out he is anti-dispensationalist. The Bible is really clear that any person saved is saved by faith.

Pastor Tomlinson did start his Christian life Zionist. When he was first saved the first gift Bible he was given was a Scofield Reference Bible, which he says you know teaches Zionism. He became non-Zionist with listening to Pastor Anderson. Marching to Zion, the Jews and their lies, he says “It’s clear as day, how did I miss that? We’ve been indoctrinated, it’s been ingrained in our minds.” At the bottom of this article you can see a sermon clip against Zionism called The Elect=The Saved.


His Journey

The ministry is not for the spineless. The brief story below is a true testament to the courage it takes to allow God to fix a dead and dying church.

Pastor Tomlinson has been married for 10 years to his wife Linda, and has two girls, Leyna and Briana. He began pastoring Faith Baptist in Humboldt 7 years ago. During this time, the church was an old missionary Baptist church off on salvation. They were a very troubled church. 18 Pastors had been through their ringer.

The church needed someone to do it some good, but the pastor was met with a lot of trouble makers. Around 3 years ago the troublemakers in the church about had enough of the pastor and held a vote to get him out. Pastor Tomlinson then got up to the pulpit and right then and there dismissed two persons from the church. The rest of the trouble makers left freely the next week.Ever since then, there has been sweet fellowship with a good group of Bible believers, the Spirit of unity. The church is no longer a missionary Baptist church, filled with weird doctrines like Baptist briders. The church is now an IFB pillar and ground of the truth.


Salvation: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, the death burial and resurrection that’s it.
Do you have to repent of your sins to be saved? No Sir, not at all.
Do you believe in Once Saved Always Saved? That’s right, absolutely!
KJV only, believe all other modern versions are corrupt
Non Ruckmanite
Non Dispensational
Post Trib
Non Zionist
Anti-altar call
No Special Music
for a complete list, visit their temporary church website at



Faith Baptist Humboldt is strong on soulwinning

Soulwinning times are:
Sat 10amtill and 2pm till. They will stay out for “however long” and will stay out there past lunch till 2 and then keep going!
Thursday 2pm till
Anyone that wants to go soulwinning may appoint a time and the pastor will make time available
Pastor Tomlinson is also planning on doing soul winning with Pastor McCraney from All Scripture Baptist Church as a possible soul winning marathon. More details to come.


Special Thoughts

“I’m honored to be identified with this movement because there’s nothing like it around. No where will you find a group of people that are soul winners that will come from all around to go to one city and go soul winning. It’s amazing that these churches are getting so many out in the highways and hedges. I can’t think of a better movement to be identified with.”


For more preaching, check out their youtube channel at FBC 1611

The artwork in the backdrop of his channel speaks to the truths that this church holds.

Here’s another great sermon clip from FBC Humboldt:




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