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12/31/2017Brother Grayson FrittsFairytale Wife in Real Life
12/31/2017Pastor Kenneth MccraneyStepping Stone Christianity
12/27/2017Brother Grayson FrittsBoasting In Yourself
12/20/2017Pastor Kenneth MccraneyYou Don't Ask Him, You Don't Get Saved
12/17/2017Pastor Kenneth MccraneyRule Your House Deacon, Pastor
12/10/2017Bro Grayson FrittsPresident Jeroboam
12/10/2017Pastor MccraneyWhich Gospel?
12/6/2017Pastor MccraneyContending, But not being Contentious
12/3/2017Bro Aaron TaylorFor the Truth's Sake
11/29/2017Pastor MccraneyZio-tards
11/26/2017Pastor MccraneyA Few Ways to Kill a Church
11/19/2017Pastor MccraneyHow to Handle Where You Are in Life
11/19/2017Bro Jason MontalvoMaking the Gospel Clear and Thorough
11/15/2017Pastor MccraneyCome out Come out Wherever You Are!
11/12/2017Pastor MccraneyWhat is Preaching?
11/12/2017Pastor MccraneyI Need to Be More Loving
11/05/2017Brother Grayson FrittsIn My Trouble I Have Prepared
11/05/2017Brother Aaron TaylorJob Description of a Soul-winner
11/04/2017Pastor MccraneyPTBPC: Hell and the Lake of Fire
11/01/2017Pastor MccraneyWhen to Speak, When to Be Quiet
10/29/2017Brother Jason MontalvoBody, Soul & Spirit
10/29/2017Pastor MccraneyLet's Do Something Big and Start Some Churches
10/25/2017Pastor MccraneyGalatians 6
10/22/2017Pastor MccraneyDon't Go Away From the Lord
10/22/2017Pastor MccraneyNurseries, Buses, and Sunday School
10/15/2017Pastor MccraneyYou Get What you Settle For
10/12/2017Pastor MccraneyGalatians 4 (partial)
10/08/2017Pastor MccraneyTies Between the Tongue and Wickedness
10/08/2017Pastor MccraneySome Music Guidlines
10/05/2017Pastor MccraneyGalatians 3
10/01/2017Pastor MccraneyWhat Jesus Did For You
10/01/2017Bro Grayson FrittsHow Do You Smell?
09/28/2017Pastor MccraneyOOH ME! OOH ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!
09/24/2017Pastor MccraneyGalatians 2
09/24/2017Pastor MccraneyKeep It at 540
09/21/2017Pastor MccraneyGalatians 1
09/17/2017Pastor MccraneyIf We're not Movement Driven, Then Who Do we Stand with?
09/17/2017Pastor MccraneySalvation Heresy in the Making
09/10/2017Pastor MccraneyThe Lifecycle of a Movement
09/03/2017Pastor Mccraney/ Bro Collin SchneideRacism in Light of the Bible/ KJVRVG
08/27/2017Pastor MccraneyStand in the Gap to be a Help
08/27/2017Pastor MccraneyThe Reprobate Doctrine Applied
08/24/2017Pastor MccraneyGod Is Waiting On Us
08/20/2017Pastor MccraneyWhy I Don't Allow Comments on Youtube
08/20/2017Pastor MccraneySet Your Standards by the Book
08/13/2017Brother Grayson FrittsDigging the Wells Again
08/13/2017Pastor MccraneyThe Doctrine of Shouting
08/06/2017Pastor MccraneyThe Altar in the Local Church
08/03/2017Pastor MccraneyGet in the Fight!
07/30/2017Brother Collin SchneideRHPC2017 Enlisted, But in Whose Army
07/27/2017Pastor MccraneyAs You Pass By
07/23/2017Pastor Mccraney"The pre-trib rapture"? pt 2
07/23/2017Pastor Mccraney"The pre-trib rapture"? pt 1
07/20/2017Pastor MccraneyDon't let it ever be Optional to Serve God
07/16/2017Brother Grayson FrittsConfidence in Bonds
07/16/2017Pastor MccraneyHumility in Service
07/13/2017Pastor MccraneyDon't be Stupid on Purpose pt 2
07/13/2017Pastor MccraneyDon't be Stupid on Purpose pt 1
07/09/2017Brother Vernon MillerReal Christians Follow God's Commandments? pt 2
07/09/2017Brother Vernon MillerReal Christians Follow God's Commandments? pt 1
07/09/2017Pastor MccraneyHow to Detect Dung pt 2
07/09/2017Pastor MccraneyHow to Detect Dung pt 1
04/23/2017Pastor MccraneyOrdination Service
03/13/2017Brother Huford MccraneyHead Eunuch Maker

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