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6/24/2018pPastor FrittsThose which ye let remain
6/20/2018Pastor FrittsMicah 2
6/17/2018pPastor FrittsThe example of work
6/17/2018aPastor FrittsA Father's Day sermon
6/13/2018Pastor FrittsMicah 1
6/10/2018pPastor FrittsGod is not the author of confusion part 2
6/10/2018Pastor FrittsWhen they feast with you
6/6/2018Pastor FrittsLamentations 5
6/3/2018Pastor FrittsGod is not the author of confusion part 1
5/30/2018Pastor FrittsLamentations 4
6/3/2018Pastor FrittsYou got only what you wanted
5/27/2018Pastor Fritts1 year anniversary testimonies
5/27/2018Pastor FrittsThe form of the house and the fashion thereof
5/23/2018Pastor FrittsLamentations 3
5/20/2018Pastor FrittsWhat's new and what's next
5/20/2018Pastor FrittsWomen's clothing
5/16/2018Pastor FrittsLamentations 2
5/13/2018Pastor FrittsThe reward of soulwinning
5/13/2018Pastor FrittsThe what and why of motherhod
5/9/2018Pastor FrittsLamentations 1
5/6/2018Pastor FrittsThe routine of soulwinning
5/6/2018Bro. Aaron TaylorTwo Births
5/2/2018Pastor FrittsThe overview of the book of Lamentations
4/29/2018Pastor FrittsThe recipe for soulwinning
4/29/2018Pastor FrittsDeism in light of the bible
4/25/2018Bro. Chris EstepPrinciples for soulwinning
4/22/2018Pastor FrittsOne thing leads to another
4/22/2018Pastor FrittsSin lieth at the door
4/18/2018Pastor FrittsFacts about the bible
4/15/2018Pastor FrittsThe responsibility of soul winning
4/15/2018Pastor FrittsYou're so loving
4/15/2018Pastor FrittsPhilippians 4
4/8/2018Pastor FrittsDon't be the world's stereotype part2
4/8/2018Pastor FrittsDon't be the world's stereotype part 1
4/4/2018Pastor FrittsPhilippians 3
4/1/2018Pastor FrittsThe resurrection
4/1/2018Pastor FrittsUnto a lively hope
3/28/2018Pastor FrittsThe Lord's supper
3/25/2018Pastor FrittsThe value of a soul
3/25/2018Pastor FrittsShall we go up
3/21/2018Bro Aaron TaylorLook not upon the wine
3/18/2018pPastor FrittsThe parables of Matt 25
3/18/2018aPastor FrittsAnswering the call
3/14/2018Pastor FrittsPhilippians 2
3/11/2018pBro Corey GroomsHow to raise Godly children
3/11/2018aPastor FrittsWhat a reprobate should have been
3/7/2018Pastor FrittsPhilippians 1
3/4/2018pPastor FrittsDeveloping good habits
3/4/2018aPastor FrittsElection
2/28/2018Bro Aaron TaylorSuffering wrongfully
2/25/2018pBro Chris EstepBecoming wiser through mistakes
2/25/2018aBro Jason MontavloConfess your faults/ordination of Bro Fritts
2/25/2018aBro FrittsLittle is much when God is in it
2/21/2018Bro Jordan SimerlyAnother gospel
2/18/2018pBro Aaron TaylorWhy we need leaders
2/18/2018aBro Jason MontavloThe horror of horoscopes
2/11/2018Bro FrittsWhat to do when you don't know what to do
1/21/2018Brother Aaron TaylorChurch Etiquette
1/7/2018Brother Grayson FrittsTurn You Northward
12/31/2017Brother Grayson FrittsFairytale Wife in Real Life
12/27/2017Brother Grayson FrittsBoasting In Yourself
12/10/2017Bro Grayson FrittsPresident Jeroboam
12/3/2017Bro Aaron TaylorFor the Truth's Sake
11/19/2017Bro Jason MontalvoMaking the Gospel Clear and Thorough
11/05/2017Brother Grayson FrittsIn My Trouble I Have Prepared
11/05/2017Brother Aaron TaylorJob Description of a Soul-winner
10/29/2017Brother Jason MontalvoBody, Soul & Spirit
10/01/2017Bro Grayson FrittsHow Do You Smell?
08/13/2017Brother Grayson FrittsDigging the Wells Again
07/16/2017Brother Grayson FrittsConfidence in Bonds
07/09/2017Brother Vernon MillerReal Christians Follow God's Commandments? pt 2
07/09/2017Brother Vernon MillerReal Christians Follow God's Commandments? pt 1



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