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Evangelist Richard Symes & Family

Brother Richard Symes is sent out by Bethel Baptist Bible Church in Panabo Philippines. He makes an amazing impact in the Philippines. Under his leadership, his ministry team has preached the gospel to over 20000 people in the last year alone, with around 2300 receiving salvation.


Richard Symes was born on August 10, 1987, raised in an American Baptist Church like a social club. He believed in God from a young age but didn’t know what it took to go to heaven. In 2008 Richard Symes was approached by Brother Matthew Stucky while in college. Brother Stucky gave him the gospel and invited him to church and to hang out with friends. The group of friends then proceeded to explain to Brother Richard the purity of the King James Bible, salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ and eternal security. Brother Richard was born again in the Summer of 2008 in Morgantown WV. Since then, he has read the Bible over 10 times, and memorized the entire books of Matthew, 1 John, Galatians, 1 Timothy, James, and Jude. He also became a faithful church member, a committed soul winner, and faithful friend.

On March 21st 2016 Richard Symes travelled to the Philippines, where he currently resides. He travelled to meet Jenefer. Previously, Richard Symes had met Jenefer, and gave her the gospel. She was a pentacostal, but eventually got saved and left the Pentecostal church, got baptized and into a Baptist church. Richard And Jenefer would begin growing together in the Lord. On March 31st they were married. Shortly after, Richard returned to the United States to bring the good report of the gospel harvest in the Philippines. Then he returned to the Philippines to stay on June 28th, 2016. Richard Symes has been in the Philippines ever since.

Ordination and Formal Support

On May 11th he was laid hands upon as an official evangelist. In July of 2017 he was picked up for support by All Scripture Baptist Church.

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